Celebrate a Lagi Meriah Raya with Happy Bunch Raya Gift Delivery

There is a glittering hope and new-found confidence in the air as the Raya Aidilfitri season approaches this time around, especially after what everyone had to go through the past two years. It was a lonely and sad time for many of us who were not able to balik kampung to enjoy the suasana Hari Raya with our Abah, Ummi and the rest of our family.

This year for sure, the Raya celebrations will be better- we just know it! As we countdown the days to cuti Raya and finally being able to balik kampung, let’s not forget to spread more joy, love and appreciation with wonderful Ramadhan and Raya gifts for friends and family who are celebrating the occasion.

Happy Bunch is here to help you make your Raya more meriah with our Raya gift delivery service and Raya collection. What’s more, our gifts start from only RM49, and we are also offering free delivery to selected locations!

For the Generous Friend Whom You Shared Memorable Ramadhan Moments With

As the name suggests, Kareem means “generous” or “noble”, which is something we strive for in the holy month of Ramadhan and throughout the Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

Which is why it’s only befitting to gift the Kareem Box to loved ones during the Ramadhan season or Raya celebration.

Why not gift the Kareem Gift Box to your best friend who has always had your back with their generosity and encouragement through the years? Let them know that your Ramadhan journey wouldn’t have been the same without them.

The Kareem Gift Box includes three types of treats packed nicely in jars, which are sweet Sukkary Dates, tasty Mixed Dodol and nutty Pistachio Nuts that are all not only yummy but also nourishing for the body.

These goodies are perfect to have for Sahur and Iftar, and make great snacks to serve at any Raya celebration.

For Si Abang Always-On-The-Go & Kak No-Time-To-Cook

Know someone who is busy and always on the go that they rarely have the time to prepare a nice meal at home to share with the family?

Well, here is a Ramadhan or Raya gift that’s perfect just for them!

The Happy Bunch Iftar Essentials Box is filled with cooking must-haves to make for an easy yet sedap meal preparation, because savoury yet joyful meals don’t always need to be elaborate.

It includes Chef Surya’s spicy Chicken Curry Paste, Sambal Bilis Cooking Paste and also Serunding Ayam.

Tasty and satisfying dishes prepared for buka puasa with the family has never been so quick and easy!

For Si Adik Manis & Mamat Cookie Monster

A special treat especially for those who find joy in indulging in kuih Raya or cookies, the Warna Warni Box exudes celebration and sweetness.

Consisting of two fun cookie flavours which are the chocolatey Brownies Cookies and buttery Rainbow Cookies, the Warna Warni Box is sure to ignite anyone’s Raya mood.

Si adik manis or mamat Cookie Monster will surely love receiving this surprise Raya gift delivery from you!

For a Festive Raya with the Whole Keluarga 

Get your whole family into the spirit of Ramadhan and Raya with the Dendang Perantau Box that everyone is sure to enjoy bersama-sama.

The Dendang Perantau Gift Box includes the popular Lotus Biscoff Cookies, classic Pineapple Tarts and favourite Nutella Cookies.

Bond over meaningful conversations and ignite #ThoughtfulConnections as you enjoy some delightfully sweet artisanal Raya cookies and hot tea with the whole fam.

For the Fashionista Minah

A blooming collaboration between Just You and Happy Bunch, the Ria Festive Box brings Happy-ness and style to the fore of the Raya celebrations.

Surprise your fashionista bestie with the Sesuci Lebaran Box which consists of a beautiful shawl with delicate floral prints and curated preserved flowers all wrapped in a bow.

Build Your Own Raya Gift Box

If none of the gift boxes in our Raya Gift Collection seem to pique your interest, why not build one yourself to gift to loved ones?

Since you know them best, choose what you know they will love from our wide selection of handpicked local and unique gifts.

Your selected goodies will then be wrapped in our limited edition Raya Emerald Box with lots of TLC, and you can surely count on our Raya gift delivery to bring your surprise right to their doorstep!

With a few simple steps, you can make someone’s Ramadhan and Raya a truly meriah one.


So for this Hari Raya Aidilfitri season, make it extra special by building #ThoughtfulConnectionswith HB’s affordable yet beautifully put-together Raya gifts, coupled with the convenience of our Raya gift delivery service.