September's 1000 #reasonstosmile at Uptown, PJ

Putting our Happy Daisies and best smiles forward on the first Monday of September! Our fairies all ready to spread happiness to the folks of Klang Valley once again. Our goal is simple – to giveaway 1000 #reasonstosmile just-because to relieve some Monday stress. Did you know flowers are proven to improve emotional health?

It’s lunch time! Handing out the first of our 1000 #reasonstosmile on the streets of Uptown, PJ.

Yep, you can definitely wear the daisy however you like!

Who says a macho man can’t appreciate a sweet little bloom?

That’s what we’re talking about – sunshine and sunny smiles.

What colour makes you the happiest? Is it red or orange?

A little post-lunch dessert for the eyes.

September mission accomplished in 2 hours! Go fairies!