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For the elegant bride, this one is perfect for you.

"A wedding bouquet is not just a beautiful accessory, it can be as unique as you are."

Your special day can be enhanced with the addition of the ideal wedding hand bouquet, which includes flowers that have been hand-cut and arranged in elegant and modern styles.

Daphne portrays a bride who is supportive, caring and kind while also being highly independent, strong and courageous. She is strong and capable of handling tough life situations while being considerate of others at the same time. 

Complete your look with our Daphne bridal bouquet consisting of a stunning arrangement of elegant Cappuccino Roses, Baby's Breath, and White Caspias.

PRE-ORDER IS REQUIRED. Order at least 2 days ahead and select your preferred time slot for the pick up.

*Flower arrangement, shades, bloom sizes and wrapping style may vary from the picture shown.