Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request for a specific time for delivery?

We’re really not able to cater for any time specific requests. Depending on our orders for that day, we come up with the “most efficient route” for our riders who take out a batch of flowers and to dedicated zones/areas. We do endeavour to deliver by 5pm if it’s to an office and 7pm if it’s to a home (anytime before that). Kindly ensure there is someone who is able to receive the flowers in the event your recipient is not around.

Can you ensure you hand over the flowers directly to the recipient?

As much as we would like to, we’re not always able to. The recipient might be out at a meeting, at the toilet or out for lunch. In which case, we would have to hand over to a receptionist, their parents, the guardhouse – someone else who can take receipt of the flowers and hand it over to her directly.

What if my recipient is not at home?

We will try to leave it in front of the house and inform the recipient. For condos, we will either leave it at the guardhouse or between the grille and front door. For houses, we will try to leave it at a shaded corner within the gate area. If we’re unable to inform the recipient, we will call the sender. If neither is available, we will drop an email over to the sender.

I do not have the full address. Can you call the recipient to get it before arriving?

We’re sorry, but we’re not able to do this. We really want to make the job of our riders as easy as possible and that includes giving them full and accurate addresses. We do ask that you (the sender) provide us with this information. Any inaccurate or incomplete addresses might result to an undelivered bunch, which might make this bunch an unhappy bunch and as a result, one less smile in Klang Valley.

What happens if my bunch is an "undelivered" bunch?

An undelivered bunch is when we have done everything to try to locate your recipient but we’re unable to. Perhaps the address is incomplete (and the recipient and sender is uncontactable) or there’s no such person at the address. As such, if we’re not able to contact both parties, we will consider this an undelivered bunch and unfortunately, due to the nature of our product (highly perishable) we are not able to offer a replacement or a refund. It is highly imperative that you ensure there is someone to receive the flowers on your recipient’s behalf if you’re not sure if he/she is going to be around.

How much do you charge for delivery?

If the area is located within our “Free Delivery” area then there are no charges for delivery.

What areas do you deliver to?

You may check your postcode if we do deliver them here.

Can I deliver outside of your delivery areas?

Right now, we’re unable to deliver anywhere beyond our current areas. But we would love to hear some feedback about where we should extend to. Drop us a note at hi@happybunch.com.my or at any of our social media sites and if there’s high enough a demand for those areas, we may just open up those areas next!

Do you deliver on public holidays?

No, we’re closed on public holidays so we’re not able to deliver then. If there was a sudden public holiday announcement made, we’ll deliver the flowers on the next working day.

Do you deliver on weekends?

No, we’re closed on weekends so we’re not able to deliver then.

Are you able to reroute or redeliver if my recipient is not at home or in the office?

Sorry, we’re not able to reroute it or redeliver it the next day. Our riders focus on delivering to a very tight cluster of areas and as such, are not able to move out of those areas to ensure efficiencies in their deliveries. We’re also not able to redeliver the flowers the next day as the riders don’t come back to our workshop after their deliveries.

Help! I just found out my recipient is on MC and I need to change the address for my delivery today.

Drop us an email at hi@happybunch.com.my. If the flowers aren’t already out the door, we will do our best to assist with the re-route. However, once the flowers are already out the door, we’re not able to do this. Our rider concentrate on very tight areas to ensure our deliveries are most efficient, as such they are unable to deviate from the areas that they have been assigned.

What is a superbunch?

A superbunch is 2, 3, 4 or even 5 bunches wrapped together as one bunch. Obviously bigger than just 1 bunch and for those times when you want to make a bigger impression.

Oh, I just saw that you have a luxe bunch! Can I upgrade my order to a luxe?

We’re sorry but you’re unable to upgrade it to a luxe bunch. We would have already catered for your regular bunch and as such, not able to allow for the upgrade. Furthermore, the luxe bunches are completely random and only available for delivery on the same day. Hope you understand that if the upgrade happens, we would have to find another person for your bunch which we’re not able to do on such short notice.

I want a bigger bunch - how can I order that?

A superbunch is 2, 3, 4 or even 5 bunches wrapped together as one bunch. Obviously bigger than just 1 bunch and for those times when you want to make a bigger impression. Just click 2-in-1, 3-in-1 etc when you place your order.

I just received flowers but I do not know who it is from. How can I find out?

Oh, the mysterious admirer. We allow our senders to remain anonymous if they wish to. However, if you really must know and it’s affecting your sleep & overall well being, drop us a note with the order number to hi@happybunch.com.my and we’ll check again with the sender if they want us to pull off the mask.

Help! My recipient is allergic to certain flowers and I do not want to spark of an allergic reaction!

We don’t want to spark off an allergic reaction either! Please do make sure you check our sneak peek on our FB page before placing an order. We really don’t recommend pre-ordering in this case as we won’t be resposible if your recipient is allergic to lilies and we have lilies for that day. And if you tell us to omit lilies, your recipient might just end up with some foliage and burlap and we know that’s not going to be a very happy bunch.

Why are the flowers we receive different from what we ordered?

Well, they shouldn’t be too vastly different unless you ordered a past bunch thinking it’s going to be repeated for today’s delivery. They all take on a slightly different shape, size, shade & bloom, being alive and all.

Why is the arrangement different from what we see on FB etc?

Our flower fairies are real people, not machines. As such, each flower fairy have their own magic dust and we allow them a free hand to put arrange the bunch based on the flowers, fillers & foliage she has in her hand. So they may look a little different, one bunch to the next, but generally, the number of stalks should be quite similar to what you see in our website.

Can I choose my own flowers in my happy bunch?

We have taken the guesswork off you. We specially curate one bunch of flowers every day, so you don’t have to worry about choosing your flowers. However, if you are set with having a particular flower, we suggest that you wait to find out what flowers we’ve got before ordering. May the odds be ever in your favor!

How can I find out what flowers are coming up for any particular day?

Unfortunately no amount of bribery can make us spill the beans on this one. Being a fan on our FB page will certainly give you first dibs though. As we put up a sneak peek at 8pm the night before, you can check out what’s coming up and quickly put in a pre-order for the next day. Here’s the link : www.facebook.com/happybunchmy

How big are your bunches?

It’s hard to put a size to it as it depends on the type of flowers we use. They are big in heart though. Some days they may be quite a petite bunch as the star flower we use may be imported and quite expensive. Some days we use more local flowers and may be able to fill up the bunch more. But big is not always better, unless you’re talking about a superbunch.

How do you guys work, why is there only 1 bunch a day?

In order to keep our bunches affordable, we order our flowers in bulk. So we order only what you see in that day’s happy bunch. That way, we don’t have excess flowers sitting around in our chillers (not very fresh!) and we control our wastages. We think #justbecauseflowers is about the gesture behind sending flowers, not necessarily about the flowers

I really want you to put together a bunch with roses/lilies etc.

We’re sorry, but we don’t stock up on flowers other than the ones that is our daily bunch. As such, we really aren’t able to cater for specific requests of specific flowers.

I received wilted flowers, broken flowers, unhappy looking flowers.

Do e-mail us at hi@happybunch.com.my with a picture of the flowers to be assessed for further action. Do note that we do not guarantee a replacement.

Can I change delivery date?

Once we have downloaded the information for our batch run, you won’t be able to change any details for that particular order. We ask that you email us at hi@happybunch.com.my with your order number and if the flowers aren’t already out the door, we’ll do our best to accomodate.

Can I change the message tag?

Once we have downloaded the information for our batch run, you won’t be able to change any details for that particular order. We ask that you email us at hi@happybunch.com.my with your order number and if the flowers aren’t already out the door, we’ll do our best to accomodate.

Help! My recipient is on emergency leave/medical leave. How can I cancel my order?

Shoot us an email quickly with your order number and if your flowers isn’t already out the door, we’ll do our very best to accommodate.

I am a secret admirer. How can I remain anonymous?

Who doesn’t love a mystery? As long as you don’t say anything on your message about who you are, we promise we won’t either. Sender’s details are not revealed to the recipient. We’re really really good at keeping secrets and have not been bought over yet, but then again, no one has offered us champagne or chocolates in exchange for a name.

Are there any other hidden fees I should know about?

Our price doesn’t include GST – that’s a top up shown as you check out. But it isn’t hidden – just like our flowers, we’re pretty transparent.

You are always sold out so quickly! How can I pre-order?

So much love! Sorry you missed the boat, but there are a few rules you can follow to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 1) If you’re not particular about what flowers they are, you can always pre-order by choosing the “Send Another Day” option. But if you would like to know what babies are going in to your bunch, then make sure you check our FB page at 8pm the night before for the sneak peek. We have on special occasions, sold out even before the sneak peek. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened. Just saying…

How do I place an order?

Head over to our website : www.happybunch.com.my/purchase

Can I order by sending you a FB message or IG Message or email?

We can’t process orders that come through FB or IG. If it doesn’t go through our website, we won’t be able track inventory or payments so we do ask that you order via www.happybunch.com.my so you can be sure the bunch gets safely ordered and delivered

To whom should I send a Happy Bunch to?

Here’s the thing, they don’t have to just be for your significant other. The bunches are affordable enough for you to send them to just anyone and everyone. We’ve got happy bunches going out to our domestic helpers, security guards, mums, BFFs. If you can’t think of a reason to send them flowers, we have one – we call them #justbecauseflowers.

How many bunches can I send?

As many as you please and as long as there is still stock.

How do I make payment?

We have partnered with iPay88 and PayPal as our preferred payment gateways. For direct bank transfer and local credit cards, you can choose the iPay88 option. For credit cards, especially if they are foreign credit cards and debit cards, you can choose the PaypPal option.

I am not a registered PayPal user. Can I still use it to pay?

You don’t have to be a registered PayPal user to be able to use PayPal. You can always sign in as a Guest. You will be notified that there is a USD1 charged to your card but this will be reversed immediately after a successful transaction has come through. Of course, if you register, it’ll make the purchase of your next happy bunch that much easier.

How will I know if my order was successful?

You will receive a confirmation from iPay88 or PayPal about successful payment. You will also receive a confirmation email from us with an order number to confirm that the order has successfully come through to us. Please note that this confirmation email is very important as we will need the order number to use as reference for any enquiries you may have.

I received an SMS informing me that my credit card has been charged, But I have not received a confirmation PayPal or ipay88

Do drop us a note at hi@happybunch.com.my and we’ll do our best to help you with this.

Can I change my subscription date?

If your subscription has started, we would need to cancel it and start a new subscription on a new subscription date.

Can I have a different message for each delivery?

Sorry, but only the first bunch will include your original message. Future bunches will not have a message attached to it.

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

We’ll need to cancel your current subscription and subscribe to a new one with the new frequency that you prefer. It’s important that you finish the current month’s deliveries if you have been charged for it before making any changes.

How much notice do I need to give to change my subscription date for one of the deliveries (going overseas)

3 working days would be most helpful so we can plan ahead. Kindly drop us a note with your subscription details to hi@happybunch.com.my and we’ll reschedule that delivery for you.

Can I cancel my subscription? Are there any fees?

You can cancel your subscription at any time at all and there are no hidden fees involved. However, since you are charged monthly for the subscription, you would need to complete that delivery cycle before the cancellation takes effect.

How much notice do I need to give for cancellation?

Just one working day is sufficient. However as you are charged monthly for the subscription, you would need to complete that delivery cycle before the cancellation takes effect.

What are subscription flowers?

If you love our bunches of happiness, you might decide that someone is special enough to receive them not just once, but on a regular basis. You can send them flowers weekly, fortnightly or monthly over an entire year.

What if my subscription date falls on a weekend?

The flowers will be delivered the next working day as we’re closed on weekends and we’re not able to deliver then.

If I ordered fortnightly, do you send it on the same date or same day?

For weekly and fortnightly deliveries, we will deliver it on the same day as your first bunch, ie – if your first delivery is on a Monday, your subsequent deliveries are also on a Monday (unless there is a public holiday). If your subscription is monthly, we will deliver the subsequent deliveries as the same date as your first delivery (ie, first delivery is on the 1st of January, second delivery will be on the 1st of February, barring public holidays & weekends).

Do I have to register before ordering?

Yes you do.

Head over here to register for an account. It doesn’t take long to register. We promise 🙂

Can I change my address?

Once we have downloaded the information for our batch run, you won’t be able to change any details for that particular order. We ask that you email us at hi@happybunch.com.my with your order number and if the flowers aren’t already out the door, we’ll do our best to accomodate.

Where is my account/how do I access it?

You can login to your account by going to the “Login” page here. Enter your email address.

I cannot remember my password

If you can’t remember your password, choose the “Forget password” option and we’ll help you through the process.

Why cant I log in to my account?

Did you receive an error message? Perhaps you got the password wrong? You can drop us an email at hi@happybunch.com.my and we’ll help you through the process