Sometimes, All It Takes Is
One Small Act Of Kindness

Connecting over technology just isn’t enough! Nothing brightens someone’s day quite like receiving a care package. Let us help make the people close to you smile while being apart.

Whatever the reason, there are times in life when you can’t be with the people you love most. But even when you’re not physically there to show them how much you care, surprising them #justbecause is the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking of them from afar.

So, here are some of our personal favourite ways to send them a little TLC.

Care Box

Clueless at gift-giving? No worries, we go through that sometimes too! We whipped together a Care Box that’ll brighten anyone’s day.
Send it to anyone, nationwide.
care box
build a box

Customise a Gift Box

What’s inside? Whatever you want! Choose from edible treats, a card to send hugs, or products to pamper and unwind – you can create the perfect care package, personally tailored to that special someone. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to put a package together, it’s the thought that counts!
The best part about sending a Happy Bunch Gift Box? Not only do they make a lovely surprise, but most products are from some of our favourite local brands who can do with all our support right now.

Flowers to Uplift

You may not be able to send over actual sunshine, but these bunch of blooms come pretty close. For as long as we can remember, flowers have always been a symbol of love and care.
Starting from only RM49 with free delivery, send a Happy Bunch to your loved ones and see how it can instantly boost their morale and bring positivity to their lives.
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Corporate Gifting

Working from home and looking to send some positive vibes to your colleagues, staff, or client? We’ll curate the perfect gift, and deliver it straight to their doorstep – fuss free!