Though traditions of celebrating the month of Ramadhan differs from one Muslim community to another, the sacred journey that includes self-reflection, praying and fasting is a universally shared ritual.

Something else that is shared during the Ramadhan season by all Muslims is of course the excitement and anticipation as Eid al-Fitr or Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration inches closer.

For most of us during the fasting month, we are usually in high spirits at the beginning of the journey but truth be told, we also tend to lose our momentum after some time. Because let’s be real here- fasting can be a challenge for many of us. While fasting, we are still required to go about our daily life and tend to responsibilities, and at the same time, minding our health, which sadly, we tend to neglect more during Ramadhan. Guilty!

So, here are some useful tips for you to follow for a smoother Ramadhan journey whilst still staying healthy and keeping safe.

Remember to Stay Hydrated

During the time between sunset and sunrise, always remember that water is your best friend and to stay hydrated whenever you can.

Being able to drink the required intake of water that your body needs will not only keep you hydrated throughout the fasting period, but will also help in reducing hunger naturally as well as keep you in a better mood.

Studies show that those who stay hydrated are more calm and content. This probably explains why some of us are more irritable during the fasting period. It’s not that we’re hungry, but because we are dehydrated!

If you find it hard to stay hydrated when fasting, here’s a useful tip. Throughout the night, make sure to have a bottle of water by your bedside so that you can easily take a drink whenever possible.

Also, when breaking fast during sahur or iftar, it’s also best to nourish your body with food that has high water content such as watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers, just to name a few.

Never Skip Sahur

Not only do you miss the opportunity to give your body the nourishment and energy it needs to take on the rest of day, but skipping sahur is also a recipe for triggering health issues such as gastric.

Besides filling your stomach and helping suppress hunger during the fasting period, eating breakfast during sahur is also essential in giving you the long-term energy and focus that you need throughout the day.

So, make sure to set your alarm for sahur and have a nourishing meal that not only consists of simple carbohydrates but also food that is rich in protein and healthy fats. Don’t forget to also include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

It may be a challenge during the first few days of puasa but your body will eventually adjust to it if you stay consistent.

Watch What You Eat

Sometimes, we tend to get carried away during the breaking of fast by overindulging in a feast especially when it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet spread.

So obviously when there’s so much delicious looking food in front of us when we’re hungry, we start to mindlessly fill up our plates like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, we see you.

Besides reminding ourselves that the Ramadhan season is about moderation and not to waste, we should also stop to ask whether the food we eat is what our body actually needs.

“Is it nourishing for both my body and mind during this fasting period?”

While daging rendang, ais kacang and the sorts can be very tempting, opt for a meal that is balanced and healthier, and save the feasting for the Raya celebrations.

If possible, avoid indulging in food that is high in salt to prevent from being dehydrated during the fasting period.

Know Your Health

Keeping up with your health during Ramadhan doesn’t have to be difficult. If you understand your health better, you will know the necessary steps you can take to still manage your health and have a smooth Ramadhan season.

If you are not sure, you can always speak to your doctor about your health condition and get their advice on the measures you can take even while fasting. Adjustments are possible especially when scheduling the times to take your medication, if you are on any. Just remember to seek professional healthcare advice for this.

However, there are certain cases such as those with critical illnesses that prevent them from fasting and these patients will normally honour the Ramadhan season through other means such as doing charity.

Stay Connected While Staying Safe

As we enter the endemic phase in Malaysia and SOPs are becoming less stringent, we’re still not sure what the future will be like for us. Though most are happy and more confident to step out and celebrate, there are still those of us who are a bit more wary and prefer to still take precaution.

However, don’t let the uncertainty stop you from still rekindling #ThoughtfulConnections with friends and family during the Ramadhan season.

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