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5 Must-have for Onboarding New Hires

We have just what you need for onboarding new hires.

When you run an organization, you will be expecting the formation of an effective and constantly growing team to assist you in achieving your business goals and dreams. Sound simple doesn't it? Not until you take into account the minute details of the overall process.

From shortlisting and interviewing candidates to hiring the right fit and ensuring that new hires understand the overall business goals and fit into the culture. This is where the new hire onboarding process comes in and plays a critical role in ensuring maximum efficiency, understanding, and employee satisfaction.

There are many steps to successfully preparing a new hire for their job; using an onboarding checklist can help ensure you don't overlook anything important during these hectic first few days, weeks, and months.

Here are 5 of the most important new hire onboarding checklist items to get you started. 

Following tips are courtesy of Indeed.

1. Procure devices and equipment

As your team grows, the process may take a little longer than usual. Part of it is related to finance and procurement, as certain approvals are required prior to purchasing items. To be well prepared for the new hire's first day of onboarding, request and prepare for the relevant devices and equipment to the new hire's role a few days ahead of time, so that everything is ready on the person's first day - from laptop computers to computer software.

2. Setup accounts and create logins

An equally important step in ensuring a successful and seamless new hire onboarding process is to ensure that all internal systems and facilities are easily accessible to your new hires. As a result, work with the relevant departments such as IT, facilities, and accounting to set up the necessary assets.

3. Schedule new hire orientation

The first impression is always crucial in everything we do. And this is especially true when it comes to new hire onboarding as they enter your organization for the first time. Set aside some time to brief new hires on the overall culture as well as important processes or rules that they must be aware of in order to be prepared and understand how each department works together.

4. Perform an office tour

Taking your new hire around your building on their first day is always a good idea because not only will they know how to get around comfortably, but you'll also get to introduce them to all the key personnel and provide a warm and personal welcome to the team, which will help them break the ice. While you're at it, it seems like a good time to include the how-tos for the necessary system access and codes (if applicable).

5. Set up the workspace

Finally, but equally important, set up the workspace where your new hire will spend their 9-5 days. Ensure that your new employee has a clean desk and chair, as well as any other items they require at their workstation. A warm and surprise welcome kit for their workspace, like a simple gift like a mug or small plant would be a great idea to make them feel even more welcomed. Consider sending a box of welcome kit to the employee's home if they will be working remotely.

Consider Happy Bunch's ready-made gift boxes, The Alpha Box or Snack Box: Treat. Our selection of easy-to-care-for table plants is also ideal for any desk.

With these few simple tips, you'll be able to successfully and fantastically onboard all of your new hires.


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